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Fixture Packages
ECC fixture packages come in many standard
formats. Typically fixtures come standard
with the DL-20 elevator assistant. They can
also be ordered with the old fashion LED
matrix PI.

On non standard orders everything can be
customized from the size of the plates,
types of buttons and location of cut-outs to
the wording and artwork of the etchings.

ECC can re-build existing swing return
panels with either applied plate or
embedded fixtures. For fixed return panels
ECC can supply new stainless or brass skins
with the proper cut-outs for new fixtures.

All of the latest required code modifications
are included based on the location and
jurisdiction of the installation. ECC has
crafted the fixture packages to meet all
required ASME, ADA and state and local

Our in house engineering staff is available
from 8:00 to 4:30 pacific time for all
inquiries and help in designing fixture
packages. Call (818) 753-5669 for

Standard Package Order Form Click Here.
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