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ECC opened in 1994 as an Emergency Communication Equipment Manufacturer and Installer. We started off by building and selling elevator emergency phones. We then expanded to COPs, with a multi-function elevator controller that supplies not only elevator monitoring, but also emergency light units,  car position indicators, and position enunciation. Unlike other companies, every one of our designs are created by an exceptional team that has over 30 years of experience in maintaining and installing elevators.

There is NO substitute for experience in the elevator business. There is nothing worse than failing an inspection when the pressure is on.

ECC currently offers fixture packages and complete modernization packages. We offer quality products at a fair price.

High Quality 7” LCD Display

The DL-20 has a state-of-the art 7″ LCD TFT 640 x 384 Color Display. Displayed images are enhanced by  backlighting.

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All images are on an SD Card, and can easily be updated through USB.

Mission Statement: “To be the providers of elevator products that reduce the high labor cost and provide better technology solutions for the elevator business.”

Design To Brag About

All car-operating panels come complete with all required key switches, fire service panels, emergency lights, emergency phones, service cabinets, and position indicators. A complete package includes a car operating panel, hall stations, and a lantern. You can also add optional hall position indicators.

Floor Position Indicator

The PI Area is used to display the current floor position, and direction. It can be customized using the DL-20 Manager software. There are three different files required for each stop; Up, Down, and End of Call (no arrow).

Voice Annunciator

The DL-20 has a high quality Voice Annunciator that will announce each floor. The voice will come out of the common speaker, and Custom Voices can also be set up if desired. The DL-20 also provides the Floor Passing Chime.

Emergency Phone

The Emergency telephone is designed to work with a single analog telephone line (POTS). When power fails, the battery backup will keep the emergency light unit, bell, and emergency phone operating. Up to eight DL-20’s can share a single analog telephone line.

Nudging and Fire Buzzer

Keep safe in your DL-20! Each unit will have both a Fire Buzzer and Nudging Indicator tones. These tones will be emitted even while the speakerphone is in operation. The Fire Buzzer will work for four hours with battery backup.

Email Notification

The DL-20 has the ability to place outbound calls to your “Google Voice” account, to notify you when a problem has been detected with the elevator. After the voice message has been left, Google Voice automatically emails a message to your email account. This email contains a voice message stating the specific trouble, and location of the elevator.

We Are Very Passionate About What We Do

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