Customizable 7″ or 10″ LCD Display Screen.

Screen is divided into various sections and will display the floor position, the direction of travel, elevator operational modes, company logo, and a large section for customer advertising or important notices.

Major Features Include:

-Low Cost Remote Monitoring-

+Fully Compatible With Smart-Rise, MCE 2000/4000, I-Box, Elevator Control Pixel System, and G.A.L. Galaxy Controls

7″ or 10″ Video Display
Position Indicator

Voice Annunciator
Phone Sharing Up To 8 Elevators
Emergency Light

Standard Features Include:

No Smoking Signage
Capacity Signage
Certificate Display Area
Standard Code Compliant Braille

Standard California Compliant Raised Button
Service Cabinet With Light, Fan, Independent, Inspection, 110V Outlet
Standard Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Buttons
Fire Operation Panel

+Up to 2010 Code, including phone line verification

The standard 7″ LCD can be upgraded to a 10″ LCD.

Information On Programming Phones

For information on programming our phones, please download our DL-20 Quick Programming Guide (PDF). If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful sales members and tech support. They are highly knowledgeable and they are standing by to help you.